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Oral Presentations Guidelines

In order to meet our timetable, we ask for maximum punctuality. All rooms are provided with PC and overhead projectors. If you are going to use a PowerPoint file, please go to your room at least 10 minutes before the session starts in order to save it in the local computer. If you need any additional equipment for your presentation, please contact the organizing committee. If you want to use your own laptop during your presentation, please, contact the local organizers as well. Presenters will have 15 minutes for their talks followed by 5 minutes for questions and discussion. Chairpersons are kindly requested to follow strictly the time limits. While the general dress code for the Conference is informal, we recommend more formal attire for presenters. Business casual would be appropriate for everyone.

Poster Guidelines

Poster presenters or co-author(s) must prepare and set up a poster for display. Poster presenters or co-author(s) need to be present at their poster to interact with attendees. At the time of setting up, each poster will be assigned a number that indicates where it should be mounted. The poster size is A0 (841x1189 mm, PORTRAIT oriented). In order to mount poster to the board easily, pins will be provided by the organizers. We recommend preparing a handout explaining the work and make enough copies for distribution. Be physically present at the poster and take down the materials after the session. As an illustration a photo of the poster boards and posters from our previous conference is presented below.